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Advanced Auditing Study Strategy – Radhika Agrawal (AIR 36)

Advanced Accounting

Out of all the eight subjects, Audit receives the most step-sisterly treatment because of the misconception that the subject can be easily managed owing to the practical exposure. No denial that practical exposure does help, however Audit as a CA Final subject is much more. Broadly, the subject is divided into 4 parts – 1. […]

Planning your study during the Final CA leave period – AIR 2, 3, 4, 6, 9

At the start of the leave period, students are devoid of direction as to how to schedule their further course of action. Most of the time of your day gets utilised by going to classes technically leaving a select few hours to study. Classes at the end moment takes your time which should actually be […]

Strategic Financial Management – Study Strategy – Krishna Gupta (AIR 3)

SFM is divided into two parts Theory : Attempt theory only if you don’t know any of the practical questions. Also, the theory should never be answered first. Make efforts to first solve a couple of practical questions and then if required you can attempt the theory question. Practical : Refer your class notes or […]

Scoring in Advanced Auditing – Ruchit Gokani (AIR 9)

Points that you should consider while writing the Audit Paper to fetch you additional Marks. Audit is a subject where it is very difficult to score marks. What matters more is what you write rather than from where and what you study. If you are not able to present it in a manner that would differentiate […]

What is Blockchain – simplified for the non tech

In this world of computers, how different computers interact with each other has become the most significant area of study, discussions, research and innovation. Back in the day, we had some basic networking structures like ring topology, star topology which defined the set of protocols computers will follow in a network. With the advent of internet, computers were […]

Writing the CA Final Exam – Somil Gandhi (AIR 6)

THINGS TO BE KEPT IN MIND WHILE WRITING THE PAPER General Instructions : Read all the questions carefully and select the easiest questions that you know perfectly. Always start from the easiest questions to the most difficult ones. Try to decide the order of answering in the reading time Do not take excessive time for […]

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