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Planning your study during the Final CA leave period – AIR 2, 3, 4, 6, 9

At the start of the leave period, students are devoid of direction as to how to schedule their further course of action. Most of the time of your day gets utilised by going to classes technically leaving a select few hours to study. Classes at the end moment takes your time which should actually be utilized for studying. We would like to assist you in deciding how to plan your study period properly.

Number of revisions:

3 revisions will ensure you great confidence, but practically only few students are able to do 3 revisions. But the number of revisions should not be less than 2. You should carry out 3 revisions for a few subjects specially for Subjects like Audit and Law and 2 revisions for the other subjects.

How to schedule:

Students make a mistake of calculating the number of days you will be required to complete the first reading from Day One. This way, you will never be able to complete the required number of revisions. One should calculate in the reverse order:

1. If you are planning for 3 revisions:
3rd revision: Financial reporting before the exam –

Minimum 5 and Maximum 7 days
Other Subjects: 2 Days per subject i.e. 2 x 7 = 14 days

Total of Approximately 20 days
2nd revision: 4 days per subject i.e. 4 x 8 = 32 days

1st revision: 6 days per subject i.e. 6 x 8 = 48 days

Approximately 100 days. So calculating backward you will arrive at the time taken to carry out the first reading. It will be fine even if you complete 80 % in the first reading. The balance 20% you can cover over the 3 revisions. But it should be covered one time or the other.

You cannot leave anything for options. The level of Questions in CA Final will automatically eliminate the option. You are taking a risk if you leave out any chapter for option. At least cover the Gist or the summary notes. But avoid leaving a chapter completely.

2. If you are planning 3 revisions for a few subjects and 2 for the other:

Do the additional revision for the selected subjects during the 2nd revision. The last revision before the exam must cover all the subjects

3rd Revision: 3 days x 7 Subjects = 21 days + 5 – 7 days for FR = 27 days

2nd revision 3 or 4 subjects: Let us consider 3 subjects = 4 days x 4 = 16 days

1st revision 6 days x 8 subjects = 48 days

That comes around 91 days. We would recommend you to consider the first one. The more the revisions, the more confident you will be.

Certain Important areas and how you should approach them

  • Accounting Standards :

    Do not waste time putting the entire day over them. Try doing one AS per day. It may take one or two hours depending on the AS but do not devote your entire day towards it during the first reading


  • Consolidation and Amalgamation :

    Try completing the chapters when you have complete Blank days. If you try doing it with your office period, you will just end up putting days behind these chapters without any confidence


  • Financial Reporting :

    Try doing every Chapter other than Consolidation and Amalgamation from all sources – Study Material, Practice Manual, RTP. For Consolidation and Amalgamation you are free to make your choice but make sure to cover one out of the two completely covering all aspects


  • SFM :

    Make a formula book for SFM and make sure to revise atleast once a week irrespective of the subject that you are covering


  • Standards on Auditing :

    Just like AS, Do not waste time but start doing it on daily basis. One standard per day. You can pick up any SA as you like. There is no need to study in an order


  • Professional Ethics :

    Your priority should be memorising the clauses and solving the questions that are covered in the PM and all reference books


  • Law :

    Make a list of important section numbers and stick it to the wall. Quoting section numbers do matter in Final CA because it may add up your chance of getting an additional mark or a half that can have a impact on your results


  • For answering questions in Law, quote the provisions of the relevant act first , the next paragraph should explain the relation of the provision with the question in context and the last paragraph should be your conclusive answer


  • ISCA for old course students :

    Try doing ISCA on daily basis. First ensure that you remember the head points properly. Having said that, once you are well versed with the head points, then focus on the content of the point


  • Direct Taxation :

    Questions of Institute material should never by avoided. They should be done on priority. Source of study of theory is a matter of your choice, but solving institute material questions is a matter of compulsion


  • For case Laws,

    main focus should be on content rather than the name. There is very high probability of not recollecting the name in the exam. Names should be remembered for case laws provided in the RTP and a few which you may consider important


Important Questions to be answered :

  • How many hours should be devoted for studying?
    Ideally somewhere around 12-14 hours during the preparation leave should be targeted.
  • Should we learn subjects like audit, law and ISCA?
    The objective should be to read these subjects so many times that you automatically remember the content. In case of difficulty, you should at least remember the key words or the head points.


Here are a few links to the other blogs that will assist you during your period upto the

Finally, Final CA is a game of planning and hard work. Both are required equally and there is no alternative. Even if you fall out of your schedule, reschedule but don’t delay the days and eat up your days of revision. Formulate a strategy every time you start studying for every single thing.

CA Final is an Ocean. Before you start a subject, before you start your day, plan it and make a timeline. Only then you will even be able to be close enough to the shore. Do not waste your time right now which will make you regret later. This may not be a YouTube channel and not an entertainment source but do like our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram where we will be putting up more important content that would actually be of benefit to you.

We have conducted a detailed survey of 50 + rankers from May 2017 and Nov 2017 Attempt regarding their source of studies, number of revisions, extent of utilization of institute material, etc. This will be uploaded on a regular basis on our Instagram and Facebook Handle. The link to the Facebook and Instagram Handle is provided below. Also, if you require any assistance in planning you can drop a message on our Facebook Page. We will ensure that a ranker will take care of your queries.

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Wish you all the luck.

Prashant Hirwani – AIR 2
Krishna Gupta – AIR 3
Charmi Doshi – AIR 4
Somil Gandhi – AIR 6
Ruchit Gokani – AIR 9